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The jewel in bloom, featherweight in volume...


Featherweight pieces, made by hand and on demand, from a unique palette of subtle colors. 

Our jewelry is an experience of gesture, light, and fusion of matter. 
Each piece is handcrafted in our French atelier,  where we leave a noble place to the innate wisdom of form.  Through layers of color, line, and volume we offer graceful transmissions of harmony. 
Balancing strength and lightness, our creations respond to a gentle necessity: elegance.    


Like a feather, exceptionally light, discreetly remarkable...

In a permanent desire for lightness, singularity and practicality, the designer Dorine Decayeux has developed a unique craft skill that allowing the formation of fine braids of Nylon threads in volume.

Day or night, these featherweight adornments know how to be forgotten when worn, whilst still capturing the eye of the beholder...

Pieces that can be adapted, modulated and colored according to your deepest desires...

Each collection has it’s own unique form, each piece a palette of subtle colors. Some pieces integrate modular attachements in order to adapt their length and to accompany you in all occasions.



Recently located in the heart of nature,  Vlum's workshop is more inspiring than ever..

Far from the city and the hectic pace of fashion, it is a place where each collection can mature slowly before it is ready to be worn and where the meticulousness of our manufacturing process is honored. 


Graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from ESAA Duperré in Paris, Dorine Decayeux launches VLUM in 2011, freshly graduated. With increasing success, a few years later she will open her first Parisian boutique. Her unique jewelry will be distributed in more than a hundred points of sale around the world, including many prestigious Museum Shop. A second boutique followed at the footsteps of Montmartre and after 10 years in the City of Light, Dorine Decayeux decides a departure for a greener life in the south west of France...

"The organic world fascinates me, from  sacred geometry to the poetic randomness that it tirelessly draws. As a sculptor, I  dialogue with mater to understand it and reveal its unsuspecting potential. I try to put myself in service of life, as a translator of the messages of beauty and harmony that that life’s rituals would like to share with us..."

& know-how

Jewelry has always adorned and ennobled us. In a world where resources are running out, we believe it is important to redefine the value of materials that makes the objects that distinguish us. Vlum's DNA lies in this desire to enhance and sublimate non-precious materials to elevate them to the rank of exquisite jewels.


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